Welcome to the new Aerolink E-Learning platform based on Moodle!

Therefore, from Monday 27th April and until the situation is normalised and we are able to return to the classroom, classes will be resumed following this method, from the first lesson of each subject of this term (SYS, INS, OP, AL) in a compulsory way, and attendance will be counted.

Stage exams and ATPL will be postponed until we can do them at the centre, but the resolution of the exercises or tests proposed by the teacher during this stage will be positively valued.

  1. You will need to install ZOOM
  2. You will find the schedule on the calendar
  3. You will find a link in the description of the Calendar Event
  4. If opening the meeting, ZOOM asks for a password, the default password is:  aerolink

If you can not join the class, get in contact with the teacher for support.

Some classes will be recorded and posted latter on here, but not all.

If you can not use ZOOM for country/political reasons, get in contact with the teacher for further assistance and instructions.

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